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The speed of our servers has been further improved to allow you to access our application even faster. (2017-10-05)
A new Minimum stock qty field was added in the Parts module to hold the minimum stock level to keep for each part. (2017-08-15)
It is now possible to have up to 20 different statuses and up to 10 different priorities per work order. (2017-08-08)
A new complete user guide has been completely rewritten and is now available via the Help and support section of the application. (2017-08-01)
It is now possible to send e-mail notifications when a bank of hours is about to be empty or to expire. (2017-06-27)
A new option "Quick Reports/Exports" was added. You can now export just about any data into Excel or several other file formats. (2017-05-08)
Tip: User defined fields of different modules (Ex: Customers ->Workorders) can be linked together. Refer to documentation for more info... (2017-04-25)
Appointment display in the Mobile view was completely reviewed and improved. Timers are now also available directly from the list. (2017-04-09)
A new "Timers in progress" tab is now available in the Dashboard. If you have rights, you will even see timers of other technicians. (2017-03-22)
The map is customizable. For example, you can filter information you want to see on screen and even change icons for technicians / customers (2017-01-24)
E-mail Notifications option has been greatly improved. You can now trigger notifications only if certain criteria are met. (2017-01-17)
You can now create a work order without any appointment. This field is now optional. Great if you do not know when to send your technician. (2017-01-10)
The tab "Map" allows you to see in real time where your technicians are located using the GPS in their smartphone. (2017-01-03)
Happy new year! Wishing you and your families all the best in 2017. A warm thank you for using our application NewWaySERVICE. (2016-12-29)
To all of our customers, we wish you have a merry Christmas along with your loved ones. Thank you for choosing us. The OroLogic team! (2016-12-22)
The tab Map (Google Maps ®) allows you to see where are located customers for your appointments. Useful for both technicians and dispatchers (2016-12-08)
It is now possible to disable the main user of the software. Even if it is the one who created the account at the beginning. (2016-08-23)
It is now possible to create work orders without specifying any type of equipment. This field is now optional. (2016-08-17)
You can now sort equipment on screen according to the service contract end date or warranty end date. (2016-07-19)
A preferred technician can be indicated directly in a customer file. This facilitates the management of appointments. (2016-07-12)
It is now possible to specify directly in the customer record to force printing of work orders in a specific language. (2016-07-05)
If you want, your customers can now see the status of their banks of hours via the customer portal. (2016-06-28)
Filters that you apply to filter information on screen now persist even if you disconnect and reconnect from the application. (2016-06-21)
If you want, your customers can now see the list of their work orders from the customer portal. (2016-06-14)
From the dashboard, you can now see at a glance the total of your work orders by status and even of all technicians. (2016-06-07)
The portal for your clients has been improved. You can now decide of what your clients can do or information they can see. (2016-05-31)
You can now display the list of equipment hierarchically. This is very useful for example when equipment is a sub-equipment of another one. (2016-05-24)
New! If you have subcontractors, NewWaySERVICE now allows you to limit data (such as work orders or your customer list) they can access. (2016-02-12)
Merry Christmas and happy new year 2016! We warmly thank you for using, our online service management application. (2015-12-22)
Detailed Google style search allows you to instantly find any work order just by typing some keywords. (2015-10-06)
Enter holidays into the software and automatically, NewWaySERVICE will not suggest any appointments for these days. (2015-09-29)
It is possible to send emails when some events occur, for example when a work order is created or its status changed. (2015-09-22)
You can set up alerts to get notified when the status of a work order has not changed for a while. More info at http:/app./ (2015-09-15)
NewWaySERVICE is a multi-warehouse management software. For example, you can manage inventory of your spare parts per van. (2015-09-08)
You can configure NewWaySERVICE to send alerts when a warranty or service contract is about to end. More info at (2015-09-01)
For each equipment, NewWaySERVICE allows you to keep several information such as warranty and service contract information. (2015-08-25)
NewWaySERVICE allows you to manage your customer's branches. For example, it is very useful to bill performed work to a different customer. (2015-08-18)
The calendar of appointments (drag and drop style) lets you rearrange the schedule of your technicians easily. More (2015-08-11)
You can enter an unlimited number of performed work (description, time worked, time billed, spare parts used, etc.) on each work order. (2015-08-04)
Several technicians can be assigned to a same work order. Each work order can contain an unlimited number of appointments. (2015-07-28)
Your technicians can capture the signature of your customers directly using their smartphone or tablet. (2015-07-21)
You can archive your work orders when you do not want to see them anymore in the list. You can unarchive them if necessary. (2015-07-14)
Service rates can now be established according to customer "Work to" instead of "Bill to" in work orders. More at (2015-07-07)
You can assign labels to your work orders. This is a useful way to categorize and group them. More info at (2015-06-30)
A customer portal is included with NewWaySERVICE. This configurable portal allows your customers to enter their service requests via the web (2015-06-23)
You can change the description of statuses and priorities of work orders to fit terms used into your organization. (2015-06-16)
It is now possible to access or add documents (eg take a photo using a smartphone) from the mobile view. More info at (2015-06-09)
Technicians can now (according to their access rights) edit user defined fields of the workorder performed work section via the mobile view. (2015-06-02)
When needed, technicians can now be restricted to the mobile view only. This is an easy way to limit user access to work orders only. (2015-05-26)
An API (Application Programming Interface) is included and allows to exchange data between NewWaySERVICE and other software. (2015-05-19)
Several workorder templates (when printing) are included. We can also develop customized templates if needed. Just ask us about this. (2015-05-12)
A data export option allows you to export data then reimport it into other programs such as Excel. (2015-05-05)
NewWaySERVICE includes a knowledge base that allows you to maintain the list of your procedures or your documents. (2015-04-28)
Each technician may be assigned to one or several zones. This makes it easier to assign technicians to work orders. (2015-04-21)
Each technician can have a different work schedule. NewWaySERVICE will suggest appointments according to the schedule of each technician. (2015-04-14)
If needed, NewWaySERVICE allows you to set different service rates for specific clients. More info at (2015-04-07)
Any documents can be attached to work orders. These documents can also be sent when sending a work order by e-mail. (2015-03-31)
You can customize terms (technician, equipment, etc.) used in the software to match the terminology that is used into your enterprise. (2015-03-24)
You can mark work orders to find them quickly. Simply remove the mark when you do not need it anymore. (2015-03-17)
Several reports are included with the software. We can also develop custom reports if needed. Just contact us about this service. (2015-03-10)
NewWaySERVICE allows you to create additional fields so that you can enter and keep information required by your enterprise. (2015-03-03)
When working on a work order, the technician can start a timer to calculate worked time automatically. More info at (2015-02-24)
Technicians in the field can edit their work orders using their smartphone or tablet. (2015-02-17)
NewWaySERVICE allows you to manage your customer's time banks. Time entered on a work order can be automatically taken from the time bank. (2015-02-10)
The NewWaySERVICE dashboard allows dispatchers to have a global view on technician's work orders. (2015-02-03)
NewWaySERVICE allows you to manage your customers' equipment. You can schedule preventive maintenance on each equipment. (2015-01-27)
NewWaySERVICE is accessible from any type of device whether a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. More info at (2015-01-20)
NewWaySERVICE is a cloud computing web based application. You have nothing to install. A simple internet connection is enough to use it. (2015-01-13)
Improvements have been made to our systems during the holiday break. The application response time is even better than before (2015-01-06)
Merry Christmas and happy new year 2015! We warmly thank you for using, our online service management application. (2014-12-20)
Reports were improved. It is now possible to filter work order reports according to labels linked to them. (2014-09-09)
The API and documentation has been updated. It is now possible to retrieve the list of labels linked to each work order. (2014-09-02)
Dear clients, continue to send us your suggestions. This is from these suggestions that we can improve our software. Thank you for your time (2014-05-27)
TAX INVOICE can be printed instead of INVOICE at top of document when printing work orders using model Invoice. Useful for Australian users. (2014-05-13)
Documentation was updated. Connect to your account at then access the section Help and Support. (2014-04-29)
The Referrer program is still available. Refer our software NewWaySERVICE and receive a commission in cash directly into your PayPal account (2014-04-22)
New reports are available into #NewWaySERVICE, our service request tracking software. (2014-04-07)
Work orders / service requests can now be created automatically when the meter (counter) of an equipment reaches a certain level. (2014-02-07)
You can now configure NewWaySERVICE to send alerts when the meter (counter) of an equipment reaches a certain level. (2014-01-28)
It is now possible to print and send your work orders by e-mail directly from the grid and without having to access the work order first. (2014-01-21)
You can now configure the software to send alerts by e-mail when the warranty or service contract of an equipment is about to end. (2014-01-14)
It is now easier to manage work schedules of your technicians. This option is now directly accessible via the tab Options. #NewWaySERVICE (2014-01-07)
Happy New Year 2014! Thank you for using our software to track your service requests and preventive maintenance. (2013-12-31)
Merry Christmas to all! Special thanks to our customers for choosing our software and making it an international success.Thank you Thank you (2013-12-24)
New variables are now available to insert into your e-mail models such as the work order description, customer address and more. (2013-12-17)
We added a sub-menu to the tab Options. Option list is now more clear and more structured. Try it now at (2013-12-10)
You can now link user defined fields together. For example, value of a field can depend on the value of another field from another module. (2013-11-26)
You can now export your appointments directly to your Google Calendar account or to iCal file format. (2013-11-19)
A new version of the API (Application Programming Interface) was installed. This API allows you to exchange data with other software. (2013-10-15)
By a simple mouse click, it is now possible to archive work orders to not see them anymore in the work order list. (2013-10-01)
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