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Easily track service requests received from your customers.


Service order software to track your service requests

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Service order software easy to use

NewWaySERVICE allows you to easily track and manage your service requests, no matter your business sector. With our software, you can manage and track all types of requests, including requests for repairs, maintenance, support and information.

NewWaySERVICE allows you to track each service request (work order), from start to finish, and keep a record of the amount of time each of your technicians has spent on it. Hours worked can be automatically calculated using a timer that can be started and stopped with the simple click of a button. The hours worked can also be different from the amount of time you want to bill your customer, a convenient feature for invoicing.

In addition to entering the amount of time worked and a description of the work performed, technicians can enter the parts used or replaced on each work order. In such cases, the parts inventory in NewWaySERVICE is automatically updated. Additional information can also be entered for each work order and files can be attached, such as photos that your technicians have taken on site. The files can be directly included in the work order using the technician’s smartphone.

NewWaySERVICE is a cloud-based web application. With a 100% responsive user interface, the application works on any device, no matter the screen size and orientation. You can access the application using a desktop computer, a tablet, or a smartphone, making NewWaySERVICE the ideal solution for both workshop and field technicians.

No App needs to be installed since NewWaySERVICE is a WebApp. A web browser is all you need to access NewWaySERVICE, 24/7. So, NewWaySERVICE is the paperless solution to managing your service department.

Service order software - Screenshot - Responsive user interface
Service order software - Screenshot - Map Google Maps®
Service order software - Screenshot - Planning

Easily plan your technicians' appointments

NewWaySERVICE allows you to set up work schedule for each of your technicians. The application always suggests time slots based on each technician’s availability. Appointments can be scheduled at the time the work order is created or later, but are not mandatory. A work order can contain several appointments or no appointment at all.

For a global view of your appointments, simply go to the Appointments Calendar tab, where you can edit appointments using the drag and drop feature. Several views of type planning or vertical are available, either by month, by week, by day, by technician or by work order. Appointments are displayed in color according to the status of the work order, making them easier to manage. You can also access each work order directly from the Appointments Calendar.

Appointments can be filtered per zone since each customer is assigned to a zone and each technician can cover several zones. See the location of your customers and technicians on a map (Google Maps®) in real time using their smartphone’s GPS.

Customer, equipment and maintenance management

Managing customers couldn’t be easier. The application offers numerous useful features, including the ability to customize labor rates per customer, and manage banks of hours, contacts, branches, and much more.

Our service order management software also allows you to track every piece of your equipment or that of your customers, whether it’s equipment that is rented, sold or that you simply need to maintain. By assigning a unique serial number to each piece of equipment, you can easily keep track of the work performed on each one. Different types of information can be entered for each piece of equipment, such as the date of sale, or information about the warranty or service contract, and you can even attach documents or photos.

You can also manage your recurring tasks such as preventive maintenance by creating maintenance schedules for each piece of equipment. For example, if certain equipment requires routine maintenance every 3 months, you can create a maintenance schedule and NewWaySERVICE will automatically generate a work order for the equipment every 3 months. Or, if you want to email your technician or customer to let them know that their equipment warranty or service contract is about to end, you can also automate the notification in NewWaySERVICE.

Service order software - Screenshot - Preventive maintenance
Service order software - Screenshot - Inventory

Manage your purchase orders and inventory

NewWaySERVICE automatically adjusts your inventory when technicians use parts on work orders. You can define a default warehouse (for example, a truck) for each technician to indicate from which default warehouse the parts should be deducted. NewWaySERVICE is also multi-warehouse. See useful information for each piece in real time, such as the minimum quantity to keep, or the quantities in stock, to receive, to plan and to order.

A purchase order and part reception module allows you to fully track your purchases from your suppliers. NewWaySERVICE also offers you the possibility of having your purchase order shipped to your company’s address, one of your warehouses or directly to one of your customers, as well as the possibility of receiving multiple deliveries for the same purchase order.

You can also manage each supplier’s part numbers, a useful feature when they differ from your own part numbers. You can even associate parts with each of your equipment types to speed up the process when entering parts used on work orders.

Give access to your customers via the Customer Portal

NewWaySERVICE also includes a customer portal. When you activate the customer portal, your customers can submit service requests themselves via an online form containing your company name and logo. This web form can be configured according to your needs with a few mouse clicks.

All requests received via this form are automatically saved to your work order list. Better still, NewWaySERVICE can automatically send an email to your customer or technician with the work order number once the form is submitted. In addition to providing a simple way to receive service requests from your customers, the form gives your business a professional image.

The customer portal isn’t just a web form to allow your customers to submit their service requests. Using the customer portal, you can also give your customers access to information on their work orders or banks of hours.

A range of useful and smart options

Application customization: Many features can be customized in the application, whether it’s the description of the work order status or priorities, or the terms used in the app. Don't like the term Work order? Just change it to Service Request, Service Call, Request, Ticket or anything of your choice. It will be instantly changed throughout the application, including in reports and forms.

You can also add additional fields anywhere in the application. Need an additional drop-down list in the client file or a check box in the work order? No problem, add any type of field with a few mouse clicks.

Capture customer signatures: No more paper! NewWaySERVICE allows you to capture your customers' signatures. Your customers can sign directly on your phone or tablet’s touch screen or by using your computer’s mouse.

Chatting: Chat with other technicians, dispatchers or other users. Exchange files or photos directly via chat.

Limited access to data for your subcontractors: If you have subcontractors who work for your company, NewWaySERVICE allows you to limit the data to which they have access. For example, you can give them access only to their own work orders or customers.

Email notifications: Automatically send an email when a work order’s specific status remains unchanged for a certain amount of time, a useful feature for high priority work orders. Notifications can also be set up to automatically send emails when equipment warranties or service contracts are about to expire or a bank of hours is about to run out.

You can also use notifications to automatically send an email when the status of a work order has changed. For example, you may want to automatically email your client when their work order has been completed.

The application also gives you the option to create custom email templates. Variables such as the Work Order Number or Customer Name can also be added to make your email text dynamic.

Attach documents: You can attach documents, such as PDF files and images, to work orders, customer files, and more. Most NewWaySERVICE modules allow you to attach documents.

Knowledge base: This option is useful to store information (in the form of articles) that your technicians can consult as needed. The knowledge base can also be used to store information (such as procedures) that you can send to your customers.

Reports and data exports: A multitude of reports are available in the app. You can configure reports, save them for later use, and even share them with other users. It’s also possible to export most of the data in Excel, Calc (Spreadsheet Open Document/LibreOffice), text or other file formats.

Data synchronization: Sync your customers, suppliers, parts and quantities in stock. Even transfer your work orders into invoices to QuickBooks®.

API for developers: An API (Application Programming Interface) is also included with NewWaySERVICE. An API is simply a programming interface that allows you to exchange information between NewWaySERVICE and other software. Any programming language can be used with the API. Refer to the documentation for more information on how the API works.

Service order software - Screenshot - User defined fields
Service order software - Screenshot - Signature capture

Ready to use today

Once your account has been created, the Start-up Wizard is automatically displayed. Follow a few simple steps on screen to start using NewWaySERVICE today. It's so simple! A full user guide is also available if needed. Create your free trial account and start tracking your service requests now!

NewWaySERVICE pricing information

25.60$ USD per technician per month or less!

You only have to pay for technicians who need to have work orders assigned to them. You do not have to pay for dispatchers or administrative staff who access the application and do not need to be assigned to work orders. Access to the customer portal is also free for your customers.

Get an instant rebate depending on the number of technicians in your subscription: We offer a 5% rebate starting at 3 technicians, up to a 20% rebate for 50 technicians or more.

Log in to your account and access the option "Subscription management" for a price simulation according to the number of technicians you need.

See below for subscription pricing per technician per month in other currencies according to current exchange rates. These prices are for reference purposes only.

35.00 CAD
25.60 USD
United States
23.47 EUR
European Union
19.73 GBP
United Kingdom
37.99 AUD
462.12 ZAR
South Africa
2,139.06 INR
452.12 MXN
Last update on 2024-07-17.

See price in other currencies »

What's included during the free trial period?

There are no restrictions during your free trial period.

Do I need a credit card to sign up?

NO. The trial period is free. If you want to continue to use NewWaySERVICE beyond the trial period, then you will need to subscribe.

How do I subscribe?

Just log in to your account and access the option "Subscription management".

What's included with the subscription?

Everything is included. There are no hidden fees. With a subscription, you can use and access NewWaySERVICE from anywhere, anytime. Only a Web browser and an Internet connection are required to access the application. Free and courteous technical support is also included. No additional service contracts must be purchased.



NewWaySERVICE is a service order software offered as a SaaS model. The software is developed, managed and marketed by OroLogic Inc. Established in 1996, OroLogic Inc. is a Canadian company specialized in developing timesheet and service management software. We offer only top-quality products to ensure our customers’ complete satisfaction.

Customers using our Service order software Since 1999, OroLogic has increased its market all over the world with its secure online store. Now used worldwide, our software solutions have a first-rate reputation. The speed and quality of our pre-sales and post-sales services are also highly appreciated, and often mentioned by our customers.

NewWaySERVICE is the perfect solution for service departments, repair shops and technicians working in the field. Over the years, NewWaySERVICE has also proven to be a top choice for facilities management, building maintenance, fleet management, equipment maintenance, IT management and more.

News and Information

It's now even easier to enter technician travel information on work orders. You can now enter mileage directly when adding work performed to a work order. (2024-05-07)

It is now more user-friendly to type numbers, amounts and durations using your smartphone or tablet. In fact, a numeric keyboard is now displayed on screen instead of the standard keyboard. Access the online help for more details. (2024-04-16)

NewWaySERVICE is a progressive web app (PWA). Unlike native apps, you can run NewWaySERVICE using any web browser on any device, whether iOS, macOS, Android, Windows, Linux or other, without any prior installation. More info about progressive web app at Wikipedia (2024-03-28)

When you create a new technician, the technician can be automatically notified by email. All he/she has to do is click a link to access and choose its password. An icon can even be automatically added to its desktop or home screen. (2024-03-12)

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