Referrer Program

Refer our service management software and earn money

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Refer our software to your customers and receive up to 500$ in cash when your customer decide to subscribe.

How does it work?

Register as a referrer, it's free and it takes less than 2 minutes. By registering as a referrer, you get a unique referrer number that you can give to your customers.

After having evaluated for a free 45-day trial period, if your customer decide to subscribe, he will just have to enter your referrer number in the subscription form and you will automatically receive a commission in cash directly into your PayPal account. It is simple, easy and it works.

You can even choose your own referrer number such as your phone number that is easier to remember for your customers.

The amount of the commission that you can receive vary from 40$ to 500$, according to the number of technician your customer subscribed for.

Indeed, the amount of commission paid is 30$ + 10$ per technician. For example, if your customer subscribes for 5 technicians, your commission would be 80$ calculated as follows:

Basic commission of 30$ + (5 technicians x 10$) = 80$

For more details, register as a referrer then click the Information tab once connected to your referrer account.

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